About us

Benko & Partners is a law firm that provides legal counsel and representation of domestic and international companies, especially companies operating in the following sectors: manufacturing, trade, construction, infrastructure, energy, financial services, pharmaceutical industry, production, information technology and automotive industries.


The Firm has a tradition of continuous and successful forty-five years of business. It started as a legal practice founded by Attorney Franjo Benko in 1974.
The practice continued under the partnership of Attorneys-at-Law Franjo Benko and Danijel Benko, leading to the founding of the Benko & Partners Law Firm in 2011.
With the arrival of Danijel Benko, a lawyer specialised in international commercial law, the Firm’s activities were enhanced by new knowledge and expanded into the international market.


Thanks to our experience and modernity, as well as the specific knowledge and skill sets of our attorneys, Benko & Partners is able to provide legal support and services to clients in the most complex transactions and in everyday business, always meeting the highest domestic and international standards of the profession.


We have worked with a number of leading global corporations and their affiliated companies in Croatia, with many of these business relationships continuing for over a decade. This is due primarily to our deep conviction that the key to a client relationship lies in understanding business ventures and the opportunities for organisational and professional adaptation required to carry them out effectively.


Each new case poses new challenges. We deal with our clients individually and creatively, understanding their needs. Applying sophisticated work methods, we analyse, propose and implement legal solutions within the deadlines agreed with the client and within the planned budget. Our objective is to provide our clients with services that will improve and enhance their business.